Deliveree: Revolutionizing Logistics with AI Integration

Deliveree, a logistics startup, has revolutionized its operations by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) features into its business model. From route selection to intelligent scheduling, real-time tracking and status updates, communication media, and document digitization, Deliveree has embraced digitalization across all aspects of its services.

Apoorvaa Agarwal, Country Manager of Deliveree Indonesia, highlights the implementation of AI-based routing and intelligent scheduling systems, predictive analysis to estimate arrival and delivery times, as well as real-time shipment tracking and status updates. This comprehensive approach also includes round-the-clock communication channels between customers, drivers, vendors, and the Deliveree customer service team, along with digital documentation.

"This innovation reduces the number of trucks operating without cargo, thereby increasing revenue for drivers/vendors. As a result, customers can enjoy lower shipping costs," stated Agarwal on Thursday (March 28, 2024).

Currently, Deliveree has onboarded nearly 100,000 driver and truck owner partners across Southeast Asia. Agarwal notes that the platform facilitates almost 10,000 truck deliveries daily, with this figure rapidly growing. Additionally, Deliveree boasts over 30,000 active truck drivers and vendors monthly, with numbers continuing to rise.

In terms of funding, Deliveree recently secured a Series C funding round totaling US$70 million or approximately Rp 1.03 trillion from investors including Gobi Partners and Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines (SPIL) Ventures. Existing investor Inspire Ventures also contributed around US$39 million or approximately Rp 577 billion. With this, the total funding raised amounts to US$109 million or approximately Rp 1.61 trillion.

Deliveree's integration of AI technologies not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to cost reduction and revenue optimization, positioning the company as a frontrunner in the logistics industry's digital transformation journey.

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