The Unconventional Upbringing of Zhang Jr.: From Humble Beginnings to Success

Around 24 years ago, Chinese billionaire Zhang Yudong, also known as Zhang Sr., made an unconventional decision that has proven successful today. While many billionaires pass down their wealth to their children, Zhang Sr. chose not to. Instead, he kept his wealth a secret from his own son, Zhang Zilong, or Zhang Jr., engaging in what some might call a form of "deception" regarding his riches.

This revelation came directly from Zhang Jr. in a recent interview with Jiupai News. Zhang Jr. disclosed that for the first 20 years of his life, his father never informed him about their affluent background. Despite Zhang Sr.'s reputation as a prominent Chinese entrepreneur, known for founding the food brand Mala Prince, generating annual revenues of up to US$83 million or Rp 1.3 trillion, Zhang Jr. was led to believe that his father was merely an ordinary businessman struggling to keep their business operations afloat.

Throughout his upbringing, Zhang Jr. was taught by his family to live modestly and humbly, unaware of their true financial status. He grew up in a simple apartment in Pingjiang, Hunan Province, and even through his schooling, he underwent rigorous selection processes without any special privileges. Upon entering the workforce, born in the year 2000, Zhang Jr. diligently worked to assist his family in paying off debts, earning a modest salary of US$800 or Rp 12 million per month.

It was only after Zhang Jr. had contributed significantly to relieving his family from debt and poverty that his father finally revealed the truth: Zhang Jr. came from a vastly wealthy family, not one of hardship. According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Zhang Sr. kept his wealth hidden to prevent his son from growing up spoiled. This unconventional approach successfully instilled in Zhang Jr. a sense of humility and a strong work ethic that would serve him well into adulthood.

While initially shocked by the revelation, Zhang Jr. expressed happiness upon discovering his family's true background. He moved from their simple flat to a villa worth US$1.4 million or Rp 22 billion. However, despite his newfound wealth, Zhang Jr.'s lifestyle remained unchanged.

According to the SCMP report, Zhang Jr. continues to live modestly and work diligently, even though he now works in his father's company and lives a life of luxury. His father has not granted him any special privileges, requiring him to climb the corporate ladder like any other employee.

Zhang Jr.'s sole responsibility is to assist the company in going public and international. If successful, Zhang Sr. plans to transfer ownership of the company to him. However, if unsuccessful, no such transition will occur.

Zhang Jr.'s story underscores the importance of humility, hard work, and the value of earning one's success, regardless of family background or financial status.

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