Heura: A Tale of Inspirational Business Success in Indonesia's Fragrance Industry

In Indonesia, a story of inspirational business success emerges from the endeavors of Given Susanto and William Gomarga, who, as students at the time, recognized a growing demand for high-quality fragrances at affordable prices.

Given, fueled by his passion for perfume, observed that designer fragrances in the market were often priced out of reach for many. Teaming up with William, they embarked on a journey to establish their own fragrance business, aptly named Heura, on the e-commerce platform Shopee.

The initial steps taken by Heura were deliberate and calculated. Conducting thorough research and experimenting with various scent preferences among Indonesian consumers, they launched their products online with limited resources. The market response to Heura's offerings was overwhelmingly positive.

Choosing Shopee as their primary sales platform, Heura found it to be an ideal fit. Given highlighted Shopee's user-friendly online shopping experience and its status as a preferred e-commerce platform in Indonesia. Moreover, Shopee aligned with Heura's vision of creating an exclusive brand identity.

Through robust marketing strategies and continuous product quality improvements, Heura experienced significant sales growth, with tens of thousands of products sold each month and year-on-year growth reaching an impressive 150 to 200 percent.

Today, Heura has created job opportunities for 35 individuals and has been recognized with the Super Growing MSME Award at the Shopee Super Awards 2023. Despite only operating since April 2022, Heura has successfully sold hundreds to thousands of products each month on Shopee.

Given expressed surprise at receiving the award but attributes Heura's success to their focus on understanding the target market and maximizing the features available on Shopee.

The Shopee Super Awards 2023 recognizes contributions to the development of the digital economy through Shopee technology over the past year. In addition to MSMEs, awards are also given to brand partners, seller partners, partners, and content creators across various categories.

Heura's journey serves as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and determination of Given Susanto and William Gomarga, showcasing how a passion for quality products and a strategic approach to e-commerce can lead to remarkable success in Indonesia's competitive market landscape.

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